Regent Korol

Regent Korol

Tarantula Queen (level 40 to 45) in Grandville

Regent Koral is one of the few Fortunatas chosen to devote themselves fully to Arachnos by becoming one of the powerful Tarantula Queens. Through the process she has gained immense psychic abilities that she uses to protect Arachnos from infiltration.

Level Mission Information
40 - 45 VillainOther #1 Patrol the web Patrol the web Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #2 Psychic Disturbance Find source of psychic disturbance Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc #3 The Crey Intrusion Stop Crey intrusion Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #4 Defeat Longbow agents Defeat all Longbow agents Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #5 Subverted Spiderlings Assist subverted Spiderlings Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #6 Rescue Night Widows Rescue Night Widows from Carnival Regent Korol (Grandville)

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