Doctor Creed

Doctor Creed

Mad Scientist (level 1 to 8) in Mercy Island

Doctor Creed is a mad scientist who has taken to researching the Infected on Mercy Island in hopes of unlocking the source of their power. It is rumoured he was a former SERAPH scientist until he tired of their moral and ethical imperatives.

Level Mission Information
1 - 8 VillainOther #1 Kidnap homeless people for medical experiments Kidnap homeless people from warehouse Doctor Creed (Mercy Island)
1 - 8 VillainOther #2 Stop Biopulse joining Longbow Stop Biopulse from joining Longbow Doctor Creed (Mercy Island)
1 - 8 VillainMinor Story Arc #3 Weird Science Test Infected anti-serum on Stricken Doctor Creed (Mercy Island)Infected Anti-Serum
1 - 8 VillainOther #4 Steal medical supplies Defeat all guards, steal supplies Doctor Creed (Mercy Island)

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