Vengeful Demoness (level 34 to 43) in Nerva Archipelago

A succubus of the netherworld, Trepsarciel was often summoned and bound by the sorcerers of the Circle of Thorns. She served them as loyally as a demon is able, until a self-righteous summoner denied her the proper rewards due her following a defeat at the hands of Paragon City's heroes. Angered, Trepsarciel and several other demons found their way to the mortal world through unknown means, and offered their services to Arachnos. Their motives were simple: revenge against the Circle of Thorns. Under the wary watch of the Mu Mystics of Arachnos, Trepsarciel shares her knowledge of the mystic nexus called the Thorn Tree to villains willing to attack it and steal its power from the Circle of Thorns to remake themselves.

Level Mission Information
34 - 43 VillainTrial #1 Respecification Trial ? Trepsarciel (Nerva Archipelago)Thorn Thief

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