Rick Davies

Rick Davies

Technology Hero Liason (level 1 to 4) in Atlas Park

Rick was one of the first heroes in Paragon City to use powered armour. He fought the Rikti under the code name Horatio, but the injuries he received ended his career as a hero. Never one to rest on his laurels, Rick began working with DATA, the Department of Advanced Technological Applications. DATA is a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-Powered Affairs. Rick threw himself into helping new heroes with their struggles against Paragon City's many criminals. His sister, Susan, is also a hero liaison. Rick loves tinkering, therefore the Clockwork are of utmost interest to him.

Level Mission Information
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Other Atlas Park Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Rick Davies (Atlas Park)Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)Azuria (Atlas Park)Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 4 HeroOther #1 The Clockwork Sprocket Retrieve the sprocket piece from Sarah Peters Rick Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 4 HeroOther #2 Fallen Heroes Learn about the fallen heroes Rick Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 4 HeroOther #3 The Clockwork Menace Cull the numbers of the Clockwork menace Rick Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 4 HeroOther #4 Clockwork Activity Check the warehouse for Clockwork activity Rick Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 4 HeroOther #5 Check out the office Check out the office and defeat any Clockwork you find Rick Davies (Atlas Park)

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