Doc Buzzsaw

Doc Buzzsaw

Freakshow Meat Doctor (level 25 to 30) in Sharkhead Isle

Doc Buzzsaw makes no secret that she was one a disciple of Dr. Vahzilok, but had a falling out with her mentor some time ago. Afterwards she journeyed to the Rogue Isles to continue her research, and rumour has it, escape the retribution of the Vahzilok. The Freakshow came to her lookign for someone who understood both cybernetic machinery and human anatomy well enough to repair them, and she quickly formed an association with them. The Freaks love the imporvements 'Doc' makes for them, and Buzzsaw sees her energetic new allies as the perfect mix of protectors and test subjects. The fact that both sides are completely deranged only makes the partnership work better.

Level Mission Information
25 - 30 VillainStory Arc #1 Die By The Freak Recover parts from Potter's Field FlashBackDoc Buzzsaw (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc #2 Heavy Metal Doctoring Help Doc Buzzsaw get what she needs to start building Tank Freaks Doc Buzzsaw (Sharkhead Isle)

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