Crash Cage

Crash Cage

Circle of Thorns acolyte (level 20 to 25) in Sharkhead Isle

Crash is the daughter of Kirk Cage, the leader of the Cage Consortium. But don't even think about using her to get to the big guy himself. The two haven't spoken since she ran away and joined up with some crazy young mystics who thought they could make good with the Circle of Thorns. Most of Crash's youthful companions are dead, but the Circle seems to be impressed with her spirit. She might just have a bright future ahead of her, if she can stay on the Circle's good side. Crash took a small fortune with her when she left home, and hse uses that to finance the Circle's work, along with her own petty acts of revenge against her father.

Level Mission Information
20 - 25 VillainStory Arc #1 Coral Bonanza Steal the coral FlashBackCrash Cage (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 VillainStory Arc #2 Breaking the Cage Help the Circle make a move on Cage Consortium FlashBackCrash Cage (Sharkhead Isle)

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