Vince Dubrowski

Vince Dubrowski

Cage Consortium Representative (level 20 to 25) in Sharkhead Isle

If there's one thing Cage Consortium believes in, it's profit. That's why Vince Dubrowski's here. Vince is in chanrge of keeping down the rabble-rousing Scrapyarders who are throwing a wrench into the well-oiled machine of the Consortium's bauxite mining. Vince never questions his orders to bust up Scrapyarder safehouses, put down picket lines with militant force, or even have a few of the more troublesome louts arrested on false charges. Because if there's one thing Vince Dubrowski believes in, it's loyalty. He gave his soul to the Consortium long ago, and he's never looked back.

Level Mission Information
20 - 25 VillainMinor Story Arc #1 Any Body Will Do Find out what's happening to the surveyors Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 VillainOther #2 Blow Up the Scrapyarder Cell Blow up the Scrapyarder cell Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 VillainOther #3 Recover Cage's stolen arms Recover Cage's stolen arms Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)Stolen SMG
23 - 25 VillainAccomplishment Badge #4 Retrieve the shipment for Crash See what Crash wants Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)Slag Reaper
20 - 25 VillainOther #5 Take the fight to the Freaks Take the fight to the Freaks Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 VillainOther #6 Bust up the Safehouse Bust up the safehouse Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)

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