Drea the Hook

Drea the Hook

Broker (level 5 to 15) in Port Oakes

Drea the Hook made his living as a crab fisherman, until his boat, and everyone else on it, went down in the icy waters off the coast of Alaska. Since that day, Drea can't seem to shake his fear of the sea. He doesn't have much ompunction about the deals he brokers for villains in Port Oakes, though he knows that innocents often pay the price. Drea's just looking to put away a chunk of change that'll buy him a cozy retirement in a nice, landlocked community. His dedication to that dream makes him a relaible source of information.

Level Mission Information
5 - 9 VillainMayhem Mission Other Rob Atlas Park Bank Rob Atlas Park Bank Mikey the Ear (Port Oakes)Raptor PackGlobal Threat
10 - 14 VillainMayhem Mission Other Rob Kings Row Bank Rob Kings Row Bank Boris the Russian (Cap au Diable)Mikey the Ear (Port Oakes)Zero-G PackKing Maker

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