Seer Marino

Seer Marino

Fortunata Seer (level 15 to 20) in Mercy Island

An Arachnos veteran of nearly 15 years service, Fortunata Seer Pia Marino joined in her youth along with her older brother, Paolo. The two had grown up in the Rogue Isles under Lord Recluse's rule, and joined Arachnos together to improve their lot in life. Pia was soon singled out as one of the few with a precognitive gift, and was brought into the ranks of the Fortunata Seers. Her brother Paolo suffered an unfortunate fate, and is listed as missing, presumed dead. While Seer Marino has served Arachnos with distinction, during her careeer, she has not sought to advance her powers or position since Paolo's presumed death.

Level Mission Information
15 - 19 VillainMinor Story Arc #1 Oh, Wretched Man Find the surveillance tapes in the old building FlashBackSeer Marino (Mercy Island)

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