Dr. Shelly Percey

Dr. Shelly Percey

Doctor (level 10 to 14) in Cap au Diable

Shelly Percey left medical school in disgrace durign her third year, when one of her professors found her performing unethical experiments on an injured hero. Since her fall from grace, Shelly's kept herself busy providing medical services to the less scrupulous metahumans to be found b ythe dozen in the Rogue Isles. She doesn't stoop to treating those without super powers, and she's become quite an expert in her somewhat rarified field. She owes her mastery of the metahuman physique to her insatiable curiosity, which has gotten her into trouble more than a few times. Definitely stops offering missions at level 14.

Level Mission Information
10 - 14 VillainOther #1 Steal a Nictus from the Council Steal a Nictus from the Council Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)Nictus Absorption
10 - 14 VillainMinor Story Arc #2 Midas Touched Steal the medical equipment Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)
10 - 14 VillainAccomplishment Badge #3 Steal Facemaker's reanimation chemicals Get samples of the Facemaker's chemicals Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)Mask Maker
10 - 14 VillainOther #4 Steal Arachnos' Antidote Defeat all Arachnos and Longbow Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)
10 - 14 VillainOther #5 Typhoid Willy: The Infectious Lost Defeat Typhoid Willy & friends Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)

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