The Radio

The Radio

An innocuous radio (level 10 to 15) in Port Oakes

Rumour has it every now and then, a mysterious voice speaks through this seemingly innocuous radio. According to the rumours, the things the voice says can lead to great opportunity to those that listen in.

Level Mission Information
10 - 14 VillainAccomplishment Badge #1 Outbreak Steal the 'outbreak' drug from the Lost and then take it to the drop-off point. The Radio (Port Oakes)Plague Carrier
10 - 14 VillainMinor Story Arc #2 The Hit list Make Wyvern's 'Hit List' your business The Radio (Port Oakes)
10 - 14 VillainOther #3 The Council Spymaster Call in for a shot at the Council Spymaster, and then catch the Spy in 60 minutes The Radio (Port Oakes)
10 - 14 VillainOther #4 Robbing Wyvern Call into the station to find the location of the Wyvern financier The Radio (Port Oakes)
10 - 14 VillainOther #5 The Legacy Initiation Crash the Legacy initiation ceremony The Radio (Port Oakes)

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