Angelo Vendetti

Angelo Vendetti

Vengeful Fixer (level 5 to 10) in Port Oakes

Angelo Vendetti is the scion shattered family of crime that can trace it's originas back to the days of the Medeccis. The vendetti Family came to ruin nearly 60 years ago, when the charismatic mutant known as 'The Center' plundered thir criminal empire for money to split from the old Arachnos and found the criminal organization called the Council and it's leader for nearly 60 years. Angelo is the youngest of the line to take up the fight, and is looking to make his first strikes against his family's ancestral foe.

Level Mission Information
5 - 10 VillainOther #1 Kidnap a Council base commander Kidnap a Council base leader Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc #2 The Council Cargo Get to work against the Council Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 VillainOther #3 The Council's Financial Information Steal Council financial information Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 VillainAccomplishment Badge #4 The Traitorous Vendetti Retainer Hurt the traitorous Vendetti retainer Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)Stone ColdMook Capo

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