Fortunata (level 1 to 50) in Mercy Island

As an Arachnos Fortunata, it is Kalinda's task to keep an eye on all new arrivals to Mercy Island. That doesn't mean she's on their side. She is evaluating each new resident for signs of greatness, and for signs of weakness. Kalinda can set you on the path to greatness, or she can make sure you're never heard from again. There are only two things she believes in: the glory of Arachnos, and the survival of the fittest.

Level Mission Information
1 - 8 VillainOther #1 Take out Operative Burch Take out Operative Burch Kalinda (Mercy Island)
1 - 8 VillainOther #2 Snake hole Jump down a Snake hole Kalinda (Mercy Island)
1 - 8 VillainOther #3 Eliminate the Infected Eliminate the Infected Kalinda (Mercy Island)
1 - 8 VillainMinor Story Arc #4 Earning Arachnos' Favour Mop up the stragglers Kalinda (Mercy Island)
20 - 50 VillainCostume #5 Steal Cape From Hero Steal cape from hero Kalinda (Mercy Island)
30 - 50 VillainCostume #6 Unlock power of the destined one Unlock power of destined one Kalinda (Mercy Island)

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