Buck Salinger

Buck Salinger

Midnight Squad Researcher (level 30 to 35) in Croatoa

The Midnight Squad is but a shadow of its former self, but you wouldn't know it to hear Buck Salinger's stories. Buck loves re-living the glory days, when the Midnight Squad was Paragon City's first line of defense against any and all mystical evils. Buck's not afraid of what's under the bed, what's hiding in the closet, or what's slinking through the shadowed lanes of Croatoa. His maverick attitude has gotten him in trouble with his bosses in the past, but even they have to admit, Buck knows his stuff and he's got the gumption to see the job through to the finish.

Level Mission Information
30 - 35 HeroMinor Story Arc Other Subsuming Salamanca Push back the Red Caps Buck Salinger (Croatoa)Iron Blade

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