Skipper LeGrange

Skipper LeGrange

Ghost Hunter (level 25 to 30) in Croatoa

Skipper LeGrange knows that quite a few folks think he's crazy. He also knows he's not. After more than ten years spent on th etrail of some of the most devilish spirits on the North American continent, Skipper knows what goes bump in the night. In some ways, Croatoa is a golden opportunity for him. Skipper's had a hard time resisting the urge to invite his old professors, employers, and girlfriends up to Croatoa to see how real the supernatural really is. He did, however, invite his mom.

Level Mission Information
25 - 29 HeroMinor Story Arc #1 The Ritual Get Skipper some evidence Skipper LeGrange (Croatoa)Rune of Warding

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