Derek Amberson

Derek Amberson

Natural Hero Liaison (level 1 to 4) in Galaxy City

Derek Amberson was always a genius at the art of war. Tactics, strategy, swordplay; there was nothing in the marital arena he could not master. After taking an Olympic gold medal in fencing, Derek longed for work that would give him a different kind of reward. When he heard about the trouble in Paragon City, he immediately got on a bus, traveling all night to present himself at the ELITE offices the next morning. As liaison to new heroes with natural abilities, he is passing on his expertise to the next generation of heroes.

Level Mission Information
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Other Galaxy City Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Prince Kiros Nandelu (Galaxy City)Gregor Richardson (Galaxy City)Caitlin Murray (Galaxy City)Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #1 Stolen Weapons Talk to Maurice Feldon Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #2 Council Ciphers Find the Council's ciphers Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #3 Missing: Todd Poston Speak to Rachel Torres Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)

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