Susan Davies

Susan Davies

Natural Hero Liaison (level 1 to 4) in Atlas Park

On the surface, Susan Davies is a quiet, unassuming government liaison working in the ELITE section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. ELITE stands for Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence. Some say that Susan has much more power than she lets on. One thing is certain: she has no shortage of well-placed contacts. Her brother, Rick, once the hero known as Horatio, is now the liaison for new technology heroes. Susan knows about everything going on in Paragon City, and she keeps an especially close watch on gang activities. She shares her knowledge with new heroes, but she believes that no amount of advice can substitute for training and determination.

Level Mission Information
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Other Atlas Park Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Rick Davies (Atlas Park)Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)Azuria (Atlas Park)Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #1 Speak to Laurence Mansfield Speak to Laurence Mansfield Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #2 Speak to Detective Brogan Speak with Detective Brogan about the Skulls' attack Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #3 Patrol Atlas Park Patrol Atlas Park and watch for Skull activity Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #4 Confiscate the Superadine Defeat the Skulls and confiscate the Superadine Susan Davies (Atlas Park)

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