Rebecca Brinell

Rebecca Brinell

Science Hero Liaison (level 1 to 4) in Galaxy City

Rebecca Brinell grew up as one of Paragon City's most brilliant young minds. She graduated at the top of her class and went on to MIT, where her experiments in radio-imaging are still the stuff of legend. After college, she had her choice of top-paying positions at many research facilities, think-tanks, and corporations. But Rebecca wanted a job that let her give back to the city she called home. She became a hero liaison for SERAPH in Paragon City. There, she could have access to the most radical scientists and innovative thinkers in the world, all while helping new science heroes find their place in the city.

Level Mission Information
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Other Galaxy City Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Prince Kiros Nandelu (Galaxy City)Gregor Richardson (Galaxy City)Caitlin Murray (Galaxy City)Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #1 Zombie Attacks Talk to Clarence about the zombie attacks Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #2 Fallen Heroes Learn about the fallen heroes Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #3 Deliver the Data Disc Deliver the data disc to Rachel Torres Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #4 Patrol Galaxy City Patrol Galaxy City and quell any Vahzilok activity Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #5 Dr. Vahzilok's Identity Go into the sewers and find a clue to Dr. Vahzilok's identity Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)
1 - 5 HeroOther #6 Missing Patients Go into the sewer and find the missing patients. Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)

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