Jonathan Smythe

Jonathan Smythe

Science Hero Liaison (level 1 to 4) in Atlas Park

Professor Jonathan St. John-Smythe is a brilliant research scientist whose inventions have been of great help to Paragon City and its heroes. The Professor works for SERAPH, which is a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. SERAPH stands for Scientific Experimentation, Research and Application to Paranormal Humans. His primary duty is monitoring and measuring the power levels of the city's heroes, and he is always eager to help new heroes better understand their powers. He is fascinated by the Vahzilok, and he gathers information on their activities whenever possible.

Level Mission Information
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Other Atlas Park Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Rick Davies (Atlas Park)Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)Azuria (Atlas Park)Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #1 Welcome to SERAPH Talk to Iris Parker about the Zombie attacks Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #2 Fallen Heroes Learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #3 Hero Corps' Data Disc Deliver the data disc to Henry Peter Wong Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #4 The Vahzilok Conference Investigate the conference Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)
1 - 5 HeroOther #5 Investigate the disappearances Investigate the disappearances Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)

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