Peacebringer (level 23 to 28) in Striga Isle

The young woman known as Aurelie Damiens used to be a humble French art student, visiting Paragon City as part of an international exchange program. She was bright and enthusiastic, but, in her eyes at least, nothing special. That all changed one day at the Paragon Museum of Art, when she felt the presence of a dying Kheldian touch her mind. Aurelie had a choice: she could allow the energy being to fade away entirely; or she could take it upon herself, merging with it, becoming far more than the sum of her parts. To this day, Aurelie has no regrets about her choice. As a member of the Peacebringer Army, she watches over Striga Isle and the dark forces that shadow it.

Level Mission Information
23 - 28 HeroTask Force Other The Kheldian War Agree to form a task force Moonfire (Striga Isle)Nictus FragmentHonorary Peacebringer

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