Batman of Shanghai

The Verge: Don’t Be A Hero

I’d never seen or heard of “The Verge” before, but you know what they actually have some well written gaming articles — it’s not just another blog regurgitating press releases (or re-using other peoples work — I found this via one of the big gaming news sites who had simply stolen the money quote [...]

Ninja Turtles Tribute

I very much doubt the upcoming movie will engender as much goodwill among children of the 80s as this will do …


Absolutely incredible.

Mass Effect Extended Cuts

You can skip the first 5 minutes or so of each video. They’ve added just enough that I’d say the endings now feel like an ending, although I still think my biggest problem with them is the way it panned out in gameplay terms, with the end of the game basically being decided by walking down one of [...]

A Piece of Gaming History Unearthed

Before there were achievements OCD gamers like myself resorted to keeping written records of our achievements … witness the written record of my first season in Sensible World of Soccer — despite my claims it’s the “1990-00” season it’s clearly the first season of the game, so that’s either [...]

Modern War Gear Solid – The Complete Saga

Mega Man X

The quality of fan-made movies these days is getting quite scary.–PFbE

“Five reasons a world without used games might not be so bad”

I followed the Penny Arcade Report to this “article” on Kotaku this morning. It’s the perfect example of why I removed Kotaku from GoogleReader earlier this year:¬†Five reasons a world without used games might not be so bad It actually annoys me that people such as Jason Schreier get such a well [...]

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