Faith in Your Friends

Luke Skywalker: Your over-confidence is your weakness Emperor Palpatine: Your faith in your friends is yours – Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi Watched all three Star Wars movies late last night / early this morning and I’ve been buzzing with Star Wars quotes all day.

15 Million Square Feet

Me: 15 million square feet, that’s a lot of square feet. Andrew: Yeah, imagine tying to find shoes that fit. AD2 day 2, half way now. Fairly uneventful day all round – sorry Liverpool got a 2-2 draw with Newcastle which wasn’t great but at least “our fate is still in our own hands” as they [...]

Boil-in-the-bag Perversion

The timewarp … It’s boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue & Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls! – Simon Pegg (Tim Bisley, Spaced) 2 out of 4 in the weekend gamble; not even [...]
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