It Should Be On TV

“I like the idea in “Archives of Pain” I took from Michael Foucault, when he advocates a return to nineteen-century values of execution and capital punishment. You know. It appeals to me, but you shouldn’t only bring back capital punishment. It should be compulsory that your body be kept, have oil poured over it and be torn apart with horses and chains. It should be on TV, and four- or five-year-olds should be made to watch it. It’s the only way. If you tell a child: “That’s wrong”, he doesn’t really learn. But if you show a body being ripped to shreds, after Blue Peter, he’s gonna know.”

– Richey Edwards

Oh how I was looking forward to a day off, but it was not be, having already taken a morning and an afternoon off to receive the Brice’s Laptop it was another day at the office for me. What made it even worse was that Gran Turismo: A Spec was released today, so I bought it (& Half-Life: Blue Shift) in the morning and had to wait until 4 to actually play them; knowing that on Saturday morning they, along with everything else I had in the house, would be gone.

Bought a book, Torture Garden by Octave Mirbeau. This, and the rest of Everything… will be my entertainment next week.

‘Cos You Are Scum

But say if I was in a pub and someone attacked me, and I knew I’d done nothing wrong, I would quite happily take a beating without doing anything, and feel really superior. I would never hit somebody back if they hit me. If I’d done something wrong then it’s different. But if I was minding my own business, I could easily take a kicking. I’d think “I don’t give a fuck ‘cos you are scum, you’re way down there and I’m above you ‘cos I can take it.” It’s a bit biblical, “turn the other cheek” and all that, but I like people like Gandhi. And when I see people getting picked on, when I see them vainly throw a punch back, half-heatedly, I think they’ve lost. Any chance they had has gone because they’ve lowered themselves.

– Richey Edwards

Started cleaning the house for when we move out next Saturday, fun fun fun.

Because You Have Something To Say

Preach not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say.

– Oscar Wilde

BBC Teletext proclaims: “KITTEN IN JAR” WEBSITE BRANDED A HOAX. Well stone the crows, I bet it took some serious investigation to come to that conclusion. Are the public really that stupid? … I wonder.

A Disturbing website which appears to show animals being cruelly treated is a sick hoax, Newsround can reveal.

Many worried viewers wrote to the programme after logging on to Bonsai Kitten, a website which seems to show photos of young cats in jars.

The RSPCA is appalled by the site and the FBI, Americas most-famous police agency, is trying to shut it down.

American university students are thought to be behind the hoax.

BBC Teletext, page 511, Today

I Should Get Out More

People tell me I should get out more, but the TV is my best friend / Cynicism is the only thing that keeps me sane

– Mr. Carbohydrate (Manic Street Preachers)

Two new guys in the office, makes a change from looking at Andrew’s ugly mug anyway;)

Still reading Everything (a book about Manic Street Preachers), still not past the half-way mark, but I hope to finish it this week (fat chance). Call me Mr. Carbohydrate.

Dying Is Not Sad

Dying is not sad – it’s living when you’re not happy that’s sad

– Clara, The Torture Garden (Octave Mirbeau)

I’m watching way too much Big Brother recently. Watching Paul & Helen flirt is painful, just get on with it for Gods sake.

Dominate in His Turn

The slave begins by demanding justice and ends by wanting to wear a crown. He must dominate in his turn.

– Albert Camus

Where did the week go? One of my most uneventful weeks in memory. Ooh, Friday the 13th, I am so superstitious. Seeing as I’ve got nowt to say, how about an advert instead…

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The Small Miseries of Domestic and Private Life

There is no greater stupidity than for people … to marry and so surrender themselves to the small miseries of domestic and private life

– Karl Marx

Great, got my IBM forms today, not so great they have to be returned by the 16th (i.e. 3 working days) or they assume I’ve rejected the offer, nice to see they’re giving me time to consider my options, read through the package etc.


When angry count to four. When very angry, swear.

– Mark Twain

Five Attempts

If you attempt suicide, make sure you do a good fucking job, don’t take five attempts

– Nicky Wire (Speaking about Princess Diana)

A BBQ, and a house full of strangers, oh what a day! Spent the day watching Nightmare on Elm Street 1 to 3, got very down in the evening and went for a walk just after midnight. It’s so nice being outside and not surrounded by people, listened Gold Against the Soul and headed back home.

I had avoided the shake-and-fake all weekend, but they got me when I returned, a mass gathering ambushed me on the way to my room … smile, “hi my name is …” (who cares), shake, walk. Not that I want to give the impression that I’m anti-social, I’m not – I just don’t like people.

Too Many Times

Things just seemed to go too wrong too many times

– Tony Hancock’s suicide note

Completed Half-Life: Opposing Force., The ending is in the same vein as the original, which I suppose keeps things consistent, but it’s a bit of an anti-climax to be honest.

Henman is playing Ivanisavic today, am I the only Brit who wants Henman to lose, come on – he has no personality. I hope Ivanisavic wins the tournament too – he has character, something ol’ Tim never will have. Go Goran, Go!

Housemates planning on a big weekend by the sounds of it, but I can’t be bothered with the shake-and-fake of it all.

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