Worth It?

I really wish this was how it went down, rather than another company taking advantage of the increasingly retarded buying habits of gamers. I don’t mind that the idiots are being swindled out their money with these extortionate prices, however occasionally there’s content that I’d like to buy if [...]

The Truth. Exposed

I can just imagine the scene at home that led to this post on the forums: Son: Dad, I was banned from Xbox Live. Father: Why, what did you do? Son: Nuffin’, they didn’t even tell me what it was for! Father: Right, I’ll sort them out. Don’t you worry Not many father’s (I presume it’s the [...]


2K Games Announces XCOM® – Suspense and Mystery-Filled First-Person Shooter from Creators of BioShock® 2 Award-winning developers set their sights on re-imagining the suspense, tension and fear of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises only on Xbox 360 and Windows PC New York, NY – April 14, [...]

FML Notes: Judging Potential

Assessments When you begin assessing a player (0% assessed), the game generates two values: An initial offset, which can be +/-40 PA from the player’s actual Potential Ability (on a scale of 1-200). A final offset, which can +/- up to 40PA, depending on the manager’s Judging Potential [...]

FML Notes: Breaking Even with Learning Skills

I calculate the break even points for the learning skills as: level 1: 400k points learned ~ 10 days learning to have more points in the category than if you hadn’t learned anything level 1-2: 610k points learned ~ 16 days learning to have more points in the category than if you had only learned [...]
Dead Rising Map

Dead Rising Survival Pack

I’ve returned to another long neglected game this week: Dead Rising. Thankfully there’s a great interactive map available because after 4 years it’s fair to say it’s been a while since I tried to find my way around the Willamette Parkview Mall. Map

Better than (an) average

MCV today released the results of a survey into salaries in the gaming industry. Perhaps naively I figured there’d be big money in developing video-games, however I got a surprise when I read that the average salary for those working in development is only £31,964. I know my work isn’t directly [...]

The Tetris God

This is one of the funniest sketches I have ever seen, be that on TV, YouTube or on stage. It's content like this that justifies the existence of the crap that makes up the other 99% of YouTube.

Mirror’s Edge

I'm running through Mirror's Edge trying to complete the time trials at the moment. This is a game that's really grown on in the last few weeks since I picked it up again after taking a break from it for a couple of months, trying to master the levels for time trials is proving incredibly challenging, however beating the time trials is making my Hard run through a piece of cake.

In searching for some tips to cut precious seconds off my times on YouTube I came across this wonderful video — how I wish I could do stuff like that in real life too!

Star Wars Force Unleashed Guide

msxbox-world have an excellent guide to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on their forums. It’s come in very handy helping me pick up the harder to find Holocrons in the game. Also, there’s some video walkthroughs available on RoosterTeeth — If a picture is worth a thousand words then these [...]
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