Gaming Challenges for 2011

First, there’s that one achievement I’ve always meant to go back to but never quite managed to muster the enthusiasm to return to the game: 1. Win the Mile High Club Achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Targets two and three are a little sadistic, I’ve played DMC4 on and off since release [...]

Final Fantasy XIII (Part 2)

So, I finally completed FFXII last week. Clocking in a mammoth 114 hours in the course of 21 days. I think my initial impressions comparing it to FFX turned out pretty accurate in the end. Although the story was interesting enough to keep me wanting more and the game world itself was truly beautiful, the characters were bland and uninteresting. There certainly wasn't anyone in the same class as the stand out characters from my favourite games in the series; Cloude (VII), Squall (XIII) & Vivi (IX).

Final Fantasy XIII (Part 1)

9 hours 54 minutes on the clock, thought I’d share some of my initial impressions: Hope is possibly the most irritating character in any Final Fantasy game I have ever played, I truly hope the game ends with Lightning sodomizing the little prick with a gun-blade. It took about 7 hours for the [...]

Upcoming Games

So, I’ve got another batch of games in on loan from Rich.  Playing through Lost Odyssey has reminded me how much I enjoy traditional RPGs.  As good as Fallout 3 & Mass Effect were, these “Action RPGs” just don’t hit the same buttons for me: Final Fantasy XIII The Last Remnant Blue Dragon Tomb [...]

Best Laid Plans

So, my Gold subscription expires on Sunday (21st November). I won’t be renewing it at the moment; not in protest at the recent price hike or anything like that.  Simply because I just don’t see me making any use of the premium “features” of a Gold sub any time soon. So, what will I be doing for the [...]

Gay Tony

Finally completed the Ballad of Gay Tony after much frustration in the Sexy Time mission, trying to aim and fly the Buzzard at the same time:( TBOGT – Gold Star I learned the trick to calling Henrique to deliver a fast car moments before using the phone to restart the mission a little too late to [...]

Grinding of Gears

Been a while since I put a blog post up.  Been enjoying RDR, Alan Wake and Borderlands since finishing Lost Odyssey.  Prehaps feeling guilty at having too much fun I’ve decided to take on the grindfest that is Gears of War 2 again.  I blitzed half a dozen achievements last night playing local [...]

Lost Odyssey

Absolutely loving this game so far.  I’ve reached the end-game after a mere 65 hours gameplay! I’ve made a Checklist in Google Docs from various guides on the ‘net to ensure I collected everything for the Treasure Trove achievement without having to follow a guide and thus ruining the experience — [...]

Saint’s Row: Day 1

I’m revisiting some old games picking up the achievements I couldn’t be bothered with the first time; primarily the online achievements that require you to play an inordinate amount of time online, as usual. After finishing Overlord it’s time for Saint’s Row; another in a long line of  games [...]

A Devil May Cry 4 Survivial Pack

I last played DMC4 over 2 years ago, but having now cut back on the number of new games I buy due to exploitative DLC practices I’m returning to the world of Dante & Nero to finish what I started; and it’s not easy going so far. When I left I was hacking and slashing merrily through mission 6 on [...]
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