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Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

Gary Neville – Who Saw That Coming?

When Sky announced they’d signed up G Nev as a pundit I must admit I groaned, it was bad enough putting up with Andy Grey’s anti-Liverpool bull during commentary/analysis I could only imagine how Neville, who I’ve always thought of as Manchester United’s equivalent to Carragher — underrated by [...]

You Don’t Win Anything With Kids

Keep bringing the kids through I say … I’d rather see the likes of Sterling, Suso, Yesil, Pacheco etc get a chance to show they have the quality (or not) than spend £15-20m on a striker who will not be world class, because even if we had £50m to spend no world class striker will join us in January [...]

TIE Fighter: The Movie

The Sun Front Page – “The Real Truth”

I saw this on 101GreatGoals this morning: It’s a lot more than I expected from the Sun, especially after Kelvin’s MacKenzie’s half-hearted “I published in good faith” apology from yesterday, here’s what he had to say incase you haven’t seen it already: Today I offer my profuse apologies to the [...]

The Circus

This sums up nicely what annoys me with football in this country: Picture the scenario, a brave British Olympic athlete has a bad start in the 400m qualifying round, but pulls it out of the bag to not only achieve a result that will likely see them qualify for the final event, but also showed [...]

Hillsborough Indepenent Panel Report – Highlights

I’ve just finished reading the Summary section of the recently published HIP while I should be working.  I went into it prepared for some ridiculous stories of incompetence and probably willful perversion of justice after the fact, but I am genuinely shocked at the levels of both alluded to. [...]


Everyone seems to be missing the point completely (not sure whether maliciously or through stupidity — gaming journalists aren’t the brightest bunch so I suspect the latter). “Gaymer” today is indeed in the popular vernacular, but that’s mostly down to the original website (the owner of which has [...]

Summer 2012 Transfer Window

At the start of the Summer my main hope for LFC was a proper clearout, in the three seasons since a rare serious title bid we’ve struggled to sign players who improved the starting XI, leaving us with a squad of decent Premier League players, without any exception talent.  Which might go some way [...]


I can not believe people have their pants in a twist over Valve adding a $100 listing fee to their Greenlight service to cut out all the dross being submitted (think Xbox Live Indie Marketplace), especially when that fee goes straight to charity. $100 is absolutely nothing when you consider it’s [...]
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