Everyone seems to be missing the point completely (not sure whether maliciously or through stupidity — gaming journalists aren’t the brightest bunch so I suspect the latter). “Gaymer” today is indeed in the popular vernacular, but that’s mostly down to the original website (the owner of which has the trademark).

Hoover now means “vacuum cleaner” to most people, but it’s still a trademarked word and other vacuum cleaner manufactures can’t call their products Hoovers.

As usual the folks over at Destructoid roll out comedy troll Jim Sterling to talk out of his arse about something he knows nothing about ….

Everyone’s hoping for an amicable solution. Still, it’s amazing what words people own these days. I never thought anybody had a “right” to a term used on message boards, at events, and on television (as per our header image). With the amount of people and products that have used it, I have to wonder how successfully the trademark’s been upheld over the years.

It’s not amazing, it’s fucking simple if you think about it. It’s a bit much to expect commentards to engage their brain before spitting venom in the direction of this guy, but you really should be able to expect journalists to do so.

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Rant over.