I can not believe people have their pants in a twist over Valve adding a $100 listing fee to their Greenlight service to cut out all the dross being submitted (think Xbox Live Indie Marketplace), especially when that fee goes straight to charity.

$100 is absolutely nothing when you consider it’s all you pay to get your game up on the Steam Marketplace (assuming you can get the support for it from the community). If you’re serious about your indie game then coming up with $100 will not be a problem. $100 just isn’t a lot of money these days just don’t buy a couple of video games and you’ve saved enough to put the wheels in motion to get your game on fucking Steam for Christ’s sake! If you really can’t get that kind of money together then here’s a hint … go outside and get a job, you can jack it all in once your game makes a $million on Steam if it’s that good 🙂

Completely agree with everything Cliffski wrote on the issue, pretty much everything else I’ve read has taken the opposite stance and I can’t decide if they’re doing it to be awkward or are genuinely stupid.