To celebrate hitting 6 figures I’m going to take a look back at the games I’ve played and pick out some best/worst of’s in various categories, this time up it’s turn for a worst of “award”:

Least Enjoyable Game Completion

I’ve suffered through more than my fair share of painful completions;  this “award” especially acknowledges otherwise fun games where fun was thrown out of the window in the quest for that 1000/1000 feeling!

3rd place:  Forza Motorsport 3 – Possibly the best racing game ever made — an opinion only strengthened  after finally getting my hands on Gran Turismo 5 this year, however the quest for 1000/1000 was completely spoiled by one achievement:

There are a good number of tracks and cars in the game, no-one could argue otherwise, but there is nowhere near enough variation to make the 969 races required for this achievement anything other than a painful, time consuming slog watching AI drivers.  Such a shame, because up until that point the game had been fun to the max, it just ran out of content far too early for the 1000GS.

2nd place:  Saint’s Row – This game is the posterchild for the “token multiplayer component” that plaques what should be single player only games this generation.  Laggy, dull and completely unnecessary the online multiplayer experience in Saints’ Row was possibly the worst of any game I’ve played on a console.

spent 4-5 hours every night for nearly 2 weeks with a boosting group to get my 1000/1000 in this game, the sad thing is I really enjoyed the single player, although technically the game isn’t anywhere near the standard of GTA:IV I honestly had more fun playing SR than GTA:IV.

Winner:  Alan Wake –  Never before in the history of gaming has my enjoyment of a good game been crippled so utterly and completely by it’s achievements.  With hundreds of collectables in the game I spent as much time tracking down thermos flasks, manuscripts, radios, signs, tvs and can pyramids as I did enjoying what was a pretty impressive story.  What an utter, utter disaster.

Honourable mention

Halo 3 – So many online achievements, such an over-rated game, and what a terrible community to engage with.

Borderlands – Mad Moxxi and Claptrap DLC achievements.  Jesus Fucking Christ Gearbox, after doing the achievements of the game so well how did you get it so wrong in the DLC?

Assassin’s Creed – Fucking Flags!

Bioshock 2 Absolutely no need for multiplayer in the game in the first place, and there certainly was no need to put achievements in it.  Thankfully a few hours of turret hacking was enough to hit level 40 and be done with the game.  I wouldn’t have touched the multiplayer without those achievements tugging at the strings of my OCD.  I’ve played both Modern Warfare games to completion 2 or 3 times now, and I have not spent a single second in the multiplayer menus of those games, if only all developers could learn from Infinity Ward!