First, there’s that one achievement I’ve always meant to go back to but never quite managed to muster the enthusiasm to return to the game:

1. Win the Mile High Club Achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Targets two and three are a little sadistic, I’ve played DMC4 on and off since release and have S ranked half a dozen missions so there’s still a lot of effort to go into this game:

2. Win the A Cut Above Achievement in Devil May Cry 4

3. Win the The Best of the Rest Achievement in Devil May Cry 4

Dead Rising was one of my favourite games, but I stopped playing it years ago with less than half the achievements in the bag.  It’s about time I returned to Willamette.

4. Complete the game Dead Rising

Mirror’s Edge was a slow burner for me, it wasn’t until I got started with the speed runs that I began to truly appreciate the level design, however I got burnt out and never came back to finish the game.  2011 is the year I master Faith’s free running:

5. Complete the game Mirror’s Edge

There’s plenty of room for masochism in my gaming calendar for 2011, and what could be more masochistic than grinding through 100’000 kills in Gears of War 2?  At the start of the year my kill count stands at approx 65’000:

6. Win the Seriously 2.0 Achievement in Gears of War 2

Rainbow Six Vegas was one of the rare games I actually enjoyed playing online when I first owned the game, over the years I’ve made numerous half-arsed attempted to get to Elite.  This year it’s time for a fully-arsed attempt!

7. Complete the game Rainbow Six Vegas

All my goals so far have been single player, with this goal: completing Perfect Dark Zero half the battle will be finding a competant co-op partner to run through the game with, twice:

8. Complete the game Perfect Dark Zero

In theory myself and the wife should be able to survive through the setlist on Expert with me on Bass, although I’ve never played the songs on Bass before, let alone on expert.  There’s certainly no chance I’d make it through on lead guitar, I can’t even complete all songs on Hard on lead!

9. Win the Platinum Artist Achievement in Rock Band

And finally, a real stretch goal that I have very little chance of obtaining.  If I beat all my other objectives for the year I’ll have a serious crack at this one, but the problem is I’m just not that good at rhythm games:

10. Win the Rock Band Immortal Achievement in Rock Band 3