Been a while since I put a blog post up.  Been enjoying RDR, Alan Wake and Borderlands since finishing Lost Odyssey.  Prehaps feeling guilty at having too much fun I’ve decided to take on the grindfest that is Gears of War 2 again.  I blitzed half a dozen achievements last night playing local matches:

  1. The Roof the Roof the Roof
  2. Forged in the Fire
  3. Trial by and on Fire
  4. Battlehardened Gear
  5. Veteran Gear
  6. Frigid Body Dynamics
  7. The Weather Outside is Lethal
  8. Afraid of the Dark
  9. Did Not Go Gentle
  10. Is it Hot or is that Just You?

Despite the descriptions of some of these stating that the matches have to be Public games they clearly do not, which is a massive bonus for someone like me who absolutely hates playing Gears online.
I’m hoping to get the Annex achievement done this coming weekend, but as it must be done in public matches, and for whatever reason I am unable to host my own social matches to just earn this against bots I am forced to gather 3 willing participants to go at it over two sessions (#1, #2):

As for the big one; Seriously 2.0, I’m 17% there.  I promise this though, I will never play Gears of War 3, somehow I think I’l be able to cope not knowing the fate of these really interesting characters and their well developed stories.