Someone pointed me iin the direction of another of those online personality quizzes today, unlike most I was actually quite impressed by this one: What kind of gamer are you? I think it came out with a pretty accurate description of me as a gamer.

The Game Master
Deliberate Sociable Serious Veteran (DSSV)

As the GM, you are the most committed and responsible. You have gained many friends through all your games, and they highly respect your abilities and experience. Although you can be a pretty hardcore gamer, you act online just like you do in real life – mature and sociable. We like that – so please don’t change.

You are typically elected the leader when a game requires it; so don’t hesitate to take control. Your style and finesse are needed, even if you rather not. Why settle for someone else who sucks leading the team?

You love games and play across the board with different people in different genres. Game Masters are the easiest to match, since you are easy-going enough to handle the extreme gamers and still have fun.