In February 2007 I decided to attempt to obtain possibly the most challenging
Achievement put into an Xbox 360 game to-date; Master Pioneer. To aid me I created these guides by
pulling together two of the best Target Mark guides previously available.

Target mark location descriptions originally written by
Matt ‘nofxgamer’ Biro;
images taken from (translation).

Mission 1 | Mission 2 | Mission 3 |
Mission 4 | Mission 5 | Mission 6 |

Mission 7 | Mission 8 | Mission 9 |
Mission 10 | Mission 11

Mission 01: Earth

  • T – This is just above the entrance to the parking garage area.
  • A – This is on one of the small container things that are on your lefthand side
    before getting to the warehouse with the Chryatis.
  • R – This is inside the warehouse on one of the catwalk things.
  • H – This is on the bottom inside the Akrid area. It will be to the right of the
    big hive thing (the thing that you are inside of when fighting the boss).
  • E – This is on a small ledge to the left before you reach the three hives
    for the Akrid. You can jump down to it if you want, I anchored off the
    ledge, descended, shot it, and went back up.

Mission 02: STORM

  • S – At the beginning before you head all the way out into the open field to
    face all the Dongo’s head to your left, it will be between the two
    buildings in a small gap.
  • R – This is at the end of that street with all the Trilid. It will be on the
    left hand side of the building, somewhat in the corner.
  • O – This is above you on the support beams on the bridge. It is just before
    the data post before the entering the train yard tunnel.
  • M – This is above the entrance on the right side of the tunnel. Anchor up to
    the middle catwalk and look above the entrance to see it.
  • T – This is just under the small brigde right before the boss entrance. Just
    drop off the bridge so that you anchor up onto it and can go up and down,
    then go slightly down to see under the bridge.

Mission 03: MIRAGE

  • M – This is to the south on the upper ledge, head to your left at the start of
    the mission and then look behind you and upwards.
  • A – This is directly to the right side at the start, it will be pretty much
    under where those two Trilid nests are, it is on the floor though.
  • R – This will be on a mountain in the horizon on the west coast, just follow
    the coast and keep your eye out for it, pretty easy to spot.
  • E – This will be at the compound thing on the eastern side. Head all the way up
    the stairs, past the data post, then anchor to the ledge above the door and
    it will be up there in the corner.
  • G – This will be at the junked warehouse, it is in a small box type thing on
    the southern end of the warehouse where the boss is, look inside the red
    box thing if you are running to the north, it will be just inside it.
  • I – This is at the large wall to the north, just to the left of the walls end.

Mission 04: METEOR

  • E – At the start of the mission, there will be a hive on the left hand side.
    Anchor up and it will be on the same ledge.
  • E – This is in the icicles on the ceiling in the room with a ton of Akrid.
    Just drop in and anchor up as normal, descend a bit and shoot it.
  • R – This is in the room with all the Snow Pirates. It will be on the left side
    between the boxes and the wall. You need to get on top of all the boxes and
    hug the wall to see it.
  • T – This is on the platform’s bottom left corner, I did the drop anchor thing
    to see it, shoot it, then dropped onto the platform.
  • O – This is a tricky one to find, it is between a wall and a pipe on the
    highest platform in the room. The platform is on the east side of the room,
    get to the top and drop down to see it.
  • M – This is just before the boss. At the data post, go to the far north and
    drop off the edge so you anchor onto it, then descend a bit to see the mark
    to the north.

Mission 05: AURORA

  • R – This is right at the start, on the ground by the first concrete block.
  • R – This is under the ledge that has the two hives on it as well as the Energy
    Gun. It is right next to the ledge with the very first data post.
  • A – This is just above the cave entrance at the end of the first area.
  • A – This is on the wall just above one of the nests on the lower area. On the
    radar it is to the southwest.
  • O – This is just on the ledge before the hall where all the Trilid and the one
    Wasp came out of.
  • U – This is in the stalactites just after you activate the data post and jump
    to the lower ledge.

Mission 06: THUNDER

  • T – This is right at the beginning of the level, look to the northwest to see
    it on a building ledge.
  • R – This is on a ledge right behind the 2nd data post, it is in the small gap
    behind it.
  • H – If you get to where the first turret is and look slightly to the right of
    the 2nd bridge it will be on a ledge above you.
  • E – Get to the top of the ledges where the 2nd turret was. Then head to all the
    way to the West on this ledge and look to the south to see the coin
    floating between the two buildings.
  • U – Once you get inside the building and anchor up towards the thing that is
    set on fire. Turn around and the coin will be floating at the ceiling.
  • D – This is just before you complete the first part of the level. Before
    heading toward the VS’s look to your right and head over to the pipes by
    the large storage unit, it is hidden by one of the pipes.
  • N – This is just as you enter the second part, turn around right at the start
    and it will be in the corner.

Mission 07: TORNADO

  • O – This is between the two storage units near the start of the level. The two
    units are to the West on the map.
  • A – This is near the end of the first area. It will be in the corner of the
    last hallway just before the end of the first area.
  • D – This is at the far north wall inside the right tower at the top.
  • N – This is on a ledge of the junked warehouse on the southern edge of it, grapple
    up to one of the upper ledges of the warehouses if you don’t have a VS.
  • T – This is up north by the warehouse place, it will be on a ledge on the east
    side just before the truck with the two VS’s on it.
  • O – This is under the flooring of the stairs that lead down after the top
    level. Drop down to the level just below the top at the beginning of this
    area and look at the flooring under the beginning of the stairs at the top.
  • R – This is in the middle of the wall on the south side of the last area. A bit
    hard to find if you don’t know where to look. I went all the way across and
    to the top side on the area across from the start and looked behind me to
    see it hovering on the wall.

Mission 08: VOLCANO

  • V – This is on a ledge above the first data post, look to the west and at
    the ceiling and you will see it. While you’re here pick up the Rifle, you will need it for the ‘L’ marker.
  • O – This is just below the VS in the first area (the bipedal, not the quad).
    To get to this VS, after the 2nd data post, stay up top and go out the door
    on the right hand side, anchor on the ledge and it will be just below the
  • L – This is right in the room that you enter for the second area, look to the
    east in the lava pit, it will be in there just under the small door. If you
    don’t have a Rifle you can not get it.
  • C – As you exit the building in the second area, you will see the broken
    highway and a car on the broken highway across from you. Blow up the car to
    see the coin.
  • N – This is on the ridge to the north in the third area. To see it, get on the
    highway that crosses over the road you are on at the start (the highway
    goes north to south and is the highest point in the level).
  • A – This is on the wall by some lava (guarded by some kind of fence) on the
    southwestern area of the third area. Just go around the fence until you can
    see it and shoot it.
  • O – This is on the left hand side in the room with the big circle on it. It is
    In the lava river thing. Jump onto one of the lower platforms and look
    under the grating to the side. It is inside there on the ceiling.

Mission 09: RAINBOW

  • A – This is under the bridge you start on, head to the north a bit and it will
    underneath the bridge near the lava.
  • R – Get on the bridge that is across from the one you started on and look to
    the west to see two small streams of lava. It will be to the left of the
    left streams.
  • I – This is in a small chute in a crevice in the wall. It is in the area that
    you drop down to get to the tank VS.
  • N – This is in the VS that you come along in the tunnel. It is in the head
    area of the VS.
  • B – This is in the upper left corner at the end of the tunnel. Once you get to
    the inside area, there will be a small opening on the right. Anchor up here
    and then continue through the tunnel, just before the end it gets a paneled
    floor, it will be in the upper left corner here.
  • O – This is in the room with the packs of Akrid, the good VS in the hanger and
    the 2 VS weapons. It will be on the eastern most bar on the ceiling.
  • W – This is in the boss room on the ceiling thing. Get out of your VS and snipe
    it before dropping down to the face the boss.

Mission 10: BLIZZARD

  • B – This is on the ledge above the door that is just behind you at the very
    start of this level.
  • I – This is in the small rock formation just before you drop into the second
    tunnel thing.
  • R – This is by the light on the ledge across from where you come into the large
    city area. It is pretty much above where the crack in the wall is where the
    two Wasps were.
  • D – This is on a small ledge to the southwest of the VS in the room just before
    the mini boss.
  • Z – This is under the VS at the start of the second area down the left hand
    hallway. Move the VS to see it, or go to the side and snipe it.
  • L – This is on the ledge to the side of the storage unit on the southern end of
    the second area. It will be up on the upper ledge.
  • Z – This is just above the storage unit that the L was located next to, on top
    of some piping above.
  • A – This is in the room with all the VS’s. It is by the large stack of crates
    underneath it in one of the small red fenced things on the western side of
    the crates.

Mission 11: STARDUST

  • S – This is on the floor at the bottom of the level.
  • T – This is inside the small tunnel thing at the bottom, it will be under the
    two boxes so you will have to destroy them to see it.
  • A – This is on the eastern wall just below the first ring.
  • R – This is on the eastern wall just after the first ring, about half way up
    the wall.
  • D – This is on the western wall just below the 2nd ring.
  • U – This is on a ledge just before the 2nd ring.
  • S – This is on the eastern wall after the 2nd ring, about halfway up.
  • T – This is floating by the western wall just below the final ring.