If, like me, you’ve taken to the challenge of obtaining the Master Pioneer achievement in Lost Planet then you may find my guide, combining two of best guides previously available, very helpful. At present it covers Easy, Normal and Extreme modes, I haven’t got around to doing one for Hard mode yet.

Target mark location descriptions originally written by Matt ‘nofxgamer’ Biro; images taken from xbox-c4.com (translation).

Mission 1 | Mission 2 | Mission 3Mission 4 | Mission 5 | Mission 6Mission 7 | Mission 8 | Mission 9Mission 10 | Mission 11

Mission 01: EARTH

  • E – Directly behind you at the start of the level in the corner.
  • R – Before entering the parking garage with all the Akrid inside. There will be a piece of concrete to the right of the entrance on the slope, it is out of sight, but right behind the concrete slab.
  • T – This is just after the parking garage and before the warehouse. When you are running toward the warehouse, there will be several tanks on your left, go to the northeast corner here. There will be a small wall that you can’t get beyond, it is there, you may need to jump to see it.
  • H – On top of the exit on the warehouse you leave after fighting some Akrid and Chryatis, you will have to go to the edge and jump up to see it.
  • A – On the left hand sidebefore you enter the hive to fight the boss, it will be in a small cove-like thing.

Mission 02: STORM

  • S – As you head forward the first alley on your right hand side, you may need to get on top of the awning to see it.
  • M – In the open area where all the Dongo’s and Chryatis’ attack you, on the right hand side there will be a building, anchor on it’s corner and the M mark will be on top of the building, you will have to anchor jump and shoot it, so I suggest using the Shotgun.
  • T – When heading to the building where you have to anchor your way to the top there will be a tower with a Snow Pirate on it, do not destroy the tower. Anchor up there and look towards the building corner and you can see it.
  • R – When you are the bridge you will come to a spot with two trains leaned up making an arch. You will need to get on the one that you first come to, go to the the very top and look to your left below the bridge on one of the buildings far below. You will need the Rifle to get it from here, what I suggest to do is run forward, grab the Rifle, run back and get the mark.
  • O – Before you go up to the door to fight the boss, go to your far far right and look at the top of the wall, it will be up there.

Mission 03: MIRAGE

  • A – At the start head all the way to the west edge, turn around and look up. It will be just after the divider at the complex behind you.
  • E – This one is hard to explain, and see, you need to follow the western edge until you get a part that sort of arches inwards significantly. Go somewhat north of this, turn around and search the wall of the inner arch for it, look very close, it blends in quite well.
  • I – Just after the staired compelx area and the 2 T-ENG containers, on the ledge above to your right will be the mark.
  • R – This one is at the warehouse where the boss is, be careful not to enter. Go on the right side of the building and follow the pipe that goes into the warehouse, it will be just past the wall (you can barely see it). Also you need to be on the pipe (the one to the right in the picture) and crouch to shoot it, you can not shoot it from the position I am in in the photo. Again, it is on the southern end of the warehouse area.
  • M – This will be at the far far northeast corner of the map, you will have to go quite a ways for it, but its not too badly hidden, pretty much when you get to the very northeast corner, jump and you should see it.
  • G – This is on the horizon to the west (sort of hard to see), head to the far north wall and to look to the west and look at the mountain in the horizon. The only way I got this was using the Energy Gun that was available at the start of the mission.

Mission 04: METEOR

  • E – Right at the start, head to your right a little bit and look up, easy to spot.
  • O – A bit easy to, as you head down the first walkway killing all the Akrid and the hives, you will see one that has a rock directly over it. It is the one just before where the hole is to drop into the room below. Look up and to the right to see the mark on a small ledge.
  • R – In the room with all the Nevec soldiers. There will be the two platforms on your right. One lower, one higher, its at the edge where those two connect jammed in a small space, you will see it if you get close enough.
  • M – This is a tricky one, when you get to the part where you ride the platform you will see the fire start, it is just past the fire on the inside in the middle of the rail, you will have to zoom in and be quick to get it.
  • E – While anchoring your way to the top, you will come to a ledge that has two of the T-ENG containers on it, go to the right side of that, drop off the ledge so that you anchor on before falling, anchor down a little bit and it is just under the ledge of that platform.
  • T – This isn’t too bad to find, once you come out of the building anchoring your way up, it is just to the left, it will be on the wall, head as far to the left as you can where the ledge ends and just look closely and you will see it.

Mission 05: AURORA

  • A – From the start of the map you can head to your straight and look up and to your left at a high hill, you should spot it easily, though you can’t get it from your position. Just climb up a bit and you should be able to get it where you grab the Energy Gun, I used the Energy Gun to get it anyways.
  • O – This is easy to find, just get to the top and drop off the ledge so you anchor on and you can see it under the platform.
  • R – As soon as you go in the cave go to your right, you will see a little cave like thing here, go all the way in, turn around and look up. Should be quite visible on the wall.
  • R – This is going to be up where the stalagmites are on the ceiling. To find it keep heading up the ramp and when you get to the spot where 4 of the Tentacles pop up and there is a Trilid nest and some rocks here, do a 180 and look at the stalagmites behind you, it’s in there.
  • U – This is easy to get, when you get near the top, there will be a ledge across from you where a wasp is lying down. Knock the wasp off and you can spot it at the same spot the wasp was at.
  • A – Just above the exit entrance into the room before the boss. It will be to your left in a small crevice.

Mission 06: THUNDER

  • T – At the start of the map, head to your right and into the corner of the wall and anchor up and jump above the wall to see the mark down the alley.
  • U – Anchor onto the small ledge that the VS is on in the first area. Once up here, jump slightly off the ledge to see down the alley to the west. You can see it from here down the alley.
  • D – Get up on the south building where there was a turret. Then face to the northwest looking at the bridge. Anchor up a wall to see the coin on a building past the bridge.
  • R – To the south of the 2nd bridge, go to where the 2nd turret was at and get as high as you can and then look south, will be on a small tower.
  • H – Once you clear the two VS’s that drop down, head all the Way to the end of the road and look to the north. There will be a small gap between the buildings, anchor up to see down the gap for the next coin.
  • N – This is just before the end of the first part of the level, between a crate thing and the ceiling on the right hand side just before heading to the VS.
  • E – This is in the first room you enter (after the little door goes up I mean.) It is on the balconey nearing the door, just hover and you will see it.

Mission 07: TORNADO

  • A – This is at the end of the first area, when you finally get into the walkway bunker thing just before you proceed to the next area, look behind you after the 2nd door thing, it will be just outside of the wall on top of a ledge.
  • R – This will be on the wall on the western edge, it’s hard to see, but if you face your camera south while you run north, you will see it when you run by or if you pass it (you can see it pretty good from a distance when you run past it.)
  • D – This is at the north wall, to the left of the large pillar and ending of wall.
  • O – This is in a verticle pipe at the warehouse
  • T – This is on a ledge on the eastern side, just to the south of the complex you are to enter. It is on the very top, look upwards in the horizon.
  • N – This will be in the top right corner of the red building across from where you entered the area. Use a Plasma Gun to see it easily.
  • O – This will be in the northwest corner of the map, if you get across to where the VS and the two turrets are, look to the northwest on a bridge like thing. It will be floating there.

Mission 08: VOLCANO

  • V – This is at the beginning of the level, once you jump in the area with the first two scorpions, turn directly around and look on the ridge behind you.
  • C – This a bit hard to spot, it is on top of the volcano river in the second area of the mission. You need to get it using the Rifle and it can be a
    bit tricky to spot. The best spot to go to is next to the VS on the freeway and snipe it.
  • O – This is in the lava fall to your right at the start of the third area.
  • N – This is under the storage unit with the good VS in it in the third area. Supply unit is on the lower west side of this area. The easiest way I got this was to take aim using the Rocket Launcher.
  • L – This is in the room you enter with the two VS’s that are attacking you, it will be on a ledge upwards to your right (to the south on the radar).
  • A – This is on the left hand side when you enter the room with the big circle on the floor. It will be under one of the lower platforms along the small river-like thing with lava in it. Just anchor off an edge and slide down to see it under the platform.
  • O – This is easiest to see from the room just past the one with the N in it. Go to the center and look to the southwest, it will be high up on the
    framework. The easiest way I got this was to take aim using the Rocket Launcher.

Mission 09: RAINBOW

  • O – This is under the highway thing that has the two T-ENG tanks as well as 3 VS weapons under it. it is in the cornerwhere the highway comes in contact with the ground.
  • I – This is at the bottom of the lava waterfall. It will be on the far left side at the bottom.
  • A – This is on a top of a mountain just above the entrance inside the building. It will be high up and easiest to shoot with a Plasma Gun.
  • B – This is in the room that you enter in the first area. It will be on the right side of the room, all the way on the top level thing.
  • R – This is just after you drop down, just before you get into the VS to drill through the wall. It will be in the lava on the end that is closer to the VS.
  • W – This is a bit tricky to see, it is behind the pillar that is in between the two storage units that the two Dongo’s come out of. You have to look through the small crack to see it and shoot it.
  • N – This is on the high high ledge in the room that the two dongos roll out of. What you need to do, is get on the high ledge with the 2 T-ENG tanks. Then jump across to the third fartherst small little bridge thing, then turn and look back towards the T-ENG tanks, look up and look to the end of the small upper ledge (the one in the middle), it will be barely visible. Scope
    in with the Plasma Gun to see it.

Mission 10: BLIZZARD

  • I – This is in the first tunnel thing just by the VS, it is on the ceiling, by a hanging piece of the tunnel by the hole.
  • B – This is just above the area that you start the large city area at. It will be high above it and is best visible from where the VS is in this area.
  • R – This is just above the broken hole thing on the wall (the walkway that had the two wasps in it). It is just by the light.
  • D – This is on the building on the north side of the area. It is sort of hard to describe, but it is to the north of the walkway that had the two wasps in it.
  • Z – This is in the room with the mass amount of VS’s. When you come up to the point with the two VS’s on the truck and you are above the room. Anchor off the right hand ledge and it will be floating in the air at the bottom of the bridge thing the truck and two VS’s were on.
  • L – This is hidden under a VS in the two VS rows on the Northern side of the room with the mass amount of VS’s. It is in the top row on the east side under the 3rd to last VS.
  • Z – This is in a crack on the crates in the the VS room. It will be in a crack right next to the Disc Grenades.
  • A – This is inside part of one of the crates. It is on the eastern side of the crate stack and is inside one of the red fence things.

Mission 11: STARDUST

  • S – This is on the floor at the very bottom of the level.
  • U – This is on a ledge just before the second ring.
  • S – This is on the wall on the east side after the second ring.
  • R – This is on the ground of where you fight the boss, sort of hard to see since it is so small but it is there.
  • T – This is a pain to see, it is floating in the air way away from the tower. If you go to the first set of spikes, then move away from the tower you should see it, make sure that when you are facing the tower, you are facing to the west.
  • T – This is on the 2nd set of spikes on one of the spikes on the tower.
  • A – This is underneath one of the spikes at the very top of the tower.
  • D – This is floating in the air above the tower, go as high as you can and then back away and make sure you are looking to the east to see it floating.