Clare Short’s had another go at Tony Blair and the Labour government, some people might suggest she was bitter. Today she accused them of spying on Kofi Annan. Tony’s response:

I’m not going to comment on the work of our security services – do not take that as an indication that the allegations made by Clare Short are true.

Let’s face it: if it were a lie, and he could prove so, he would deny it and take great pleasure in demonstrating to the public how honest and trustworthy he actually is. Asked whether she’d be prosecuted he said he would “have to reflect upon” her comments — again the government realise that by prosecuting people who know about all the dirty tricks they are getting up to they are bringing those tricks into the public eye even more so.

I’d like to conclude that it’s time for a new government, but would the Tories actually be any better? No, probably not.