The big day! Leaving work at midday to start the 240 mile trip up to Liverpool. We made pretty good time most of the way. At one point the motorway was closed to a single lane, when we got to the point where the “accident” had been we found that there was nothing; no accident, no mess, no closure of the motorway as signposted. What we did find, a few miles down the road, on the other side of the motorway was a huge crash with the air ambulance landed on the motorway .. the pillocks had closed the wrong side of the motorway!

We got to Liverpool just before 6, parked up and found a pub. My bank manager decided to call me to discuss my finances at this time; I told him it wasn’t the best time to talk and maybe he should ring me another time (when I don’t have any reception preferably).

The game itself (Liverpool vs Olimpia Ljubjana) was pretty average in the first half, but enjoyable none-the-less. The second half was much better, Sinama-Pongolle looks a class player – in 20 minutes or so he did more than Le Tallec has done in his numerous substitute appearances and deserved a goal. I saw an Emile Heskey goal, and Igor Biscan running past 5 players before blazing just over the bar! I’m not sure whether it was the effect of the 5 hour car journey though 🙂

We got back to Winchester at 3AM, after another 6 hours driving. 11 hours driving, and a 480 mile round trip to watch 90 minutes of football – that’s what being a football fan is all about 🙂