He is passion personified and can be so ardent with his affections that he can make a woman feel that she’s never been loved before. While he may not follow through with flowers, his feelings are romantic and his emotions intense. When he’s in love he can be loyal, loving, jealous, and generally consumed with feeling.

Mr. Aries is also capable of strings of one-night stands and sex that is more biologic than rhapsodic. Ideally he would love to be in love. However, should that be missing, or even waning, he is not at all shy about seeking his satisfactions elsewhere. Since his sexual energy is so strong that it could probably shatter glass, Mr. Aries needs his outlets. Strenuous athletics and a consuming devotion to his career often help. Outside of that, casual sex is something that he is certainly not opposed to.

Essentially he is a highly sexed being who has a spontaneous approach – i.e., whoever happens to be turning his wheels at the moment may very soon be in his bed. However, whether she ever sees him after sunrise depends on how intensly she keyed into his emotions. When not emotionally involved, Mr. Aries can be so cut and dried that he is capable of turning on the news in a moment of afterglow. On the other hand, when he is truly impassioned, he would neither notice nor care if you stopped dieting and gained weight, as long as you gave him a lot of affection.

– How to Seduce the Aries Man