He’s ardent and enthusiastic, impulsive and aggressive. Mr. Aries has the personality of a warrior who wants to set the world on fire. And because he can be so wildly romantic, he can also ignite quite a flame in your heart

His energy is boundless, his self-assurance astounding. He is a born leader who isn’t bashful when it comes to boasting of his achievements. At the same time, he can be both proud and supportive of yours.

Mr. Aries has a mind that moves in overdrive. He thinks faster than he can talk, runs rather than walks, and can take on more projects than ten people put together. Whatever he does, from functioning as president of a company to playing tennis, he does it ambitiously.

Essentially, he has an all-or-nothing attitude toward his undertakings. And when ne is in his “all” phase, he can be totally consumed by the emotion of the moment. Whether it’s working, loving, or simply living, Mr. Aries passions play a leading role. Even before the world has awakened, he is the knight on a charger galloping toward some intense experience. Anything less would bring on an attack of boredom and make him unfit to be around.

Generally speaking, his personality is impatient, at times tempermental, and often self-serving. Caught in the midst of an impulsive action, he can forget that it is upon people’s feelings that he is treading. Mr. Aries operates strongly from self-interest and sometimes from sheer selfishness. However, it’s precisely his “me first and perhaps you later” attitude that not only gets him what he wants, but gets it quickly. When caught in the tides of a fulminating temper, he can be truly intimidating to meeker souls. he knows it and uses it to further his goals. But when it works, he is usually too busy beginning something new to even notice.

Not only does he thrive on power, he considers it his divine right. And he’s the first to admit that probably nobody deserves it as much as he does. At the same time, he can cheerfully drive himself past the kinds of limits that would make any normal person pass out from sheer exhaustion. Essentially, Mr. Aries loves work, just as he loves to create things – that he can tell other lesser beings how to finish.

He loathes low-energy people, pessimistic souls, and dreary people who would never engage in grand schemes. At the same time, he thrives on power, startling passions, and the feeling of first love, even if it’s for the hundredth time. Although Mr. Aries can be loyal, his emotional memory does a sudden fade-out when his romantic drama starts to look more like a lengthy documentary. Since he is a man addicted to “firsts” in record time, his feelings find expression in a new grand love, career goal, or great passion. And each time he will enthusiastically attest that it is just the very best.

Although in the business world he can be tricky and at times manipulative, in romantic relationships he is honest and direct, and expects the same. While nothing makes his pulse race like a good challenge, he also likes his woman of the moment to speak her mind directly. He is much too busy to be bothered with unexpressed feelings or subtle maneuvers. Therefore, he’ll run roughshod over any female who is too timid to tell him what she wants and why. Yet at the same time, she must give him the kind of attention that will assure him that she has the best taste simply because she prefers him. Mr. Aries ego is larger than the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, it needs to bask in a brilliant sunshine or else he’ll see to it that the tide is always out.

– How to Seduce the Aries Man