Penyards are evil, totally they are the biggest bunch of scammers this side of the Atlantic. Do not ever rent a property from these people. We’ve just had gardeners round to do the front and back because Penyards were not happy with the state the gardens were in. The gardeners arrived at half-nine in the morning and were still around when we returned from work. After speaking to them for a while they told us that it was going to cost about £380 for the day’s labour. They also told us that the garden had been neglected for at least 18 months, and there was no way that it could have got in such a state over the period we had been in the property.

Now this is where it’s interesting, we have only been in the house for 6 months, so therefore we should only be responsible for a third of the bill. The gardeners were happy to say that in their professional opinion, the work they did was from at least 18 months of neglect; so I’ll be phoning Penyards tomorrow to sort this out. The garden is beautiful now, by the way – fist class job.

Manics on C4 was quality and I managed to get really good reception too, probably for the first time since I’ve been in this house – what timing.