Andrew: You know what they say: ‘If you work at the donut factory all day, the last thing you want is donuts at home’.

Me: If I worked at a donut factory all day I wouldn’t come home for my donuts!

I see Phoney Blair got back in yesterday, and in doing so gave himself a nice 50K pay rise, slightly more than our doctors, nurses & teachers will be getting I expect, and just what exactly has he done to earn this massive rise?

Also the leader of the blue team has quit, and all the media seem to suddenly love him for some reason or another. I hear that Anne Widdecombe (Maidstone’s local MP) may be taking over, I’m sorry but she’ll never win anything, the elections are a popularity contest, and appearance counts. What the Tories need is a young, attractive woman in charge – the votes would roll in. It doesn’t matter what she thinks or how smart she is; all she has to do is read a few speeches drafted by PR people while smiling at a camera, hell if it works for Phoney why shouldn’t the Tories do the same? Not so sure how many candidates fitting this description there are in the Tory party, but AW is definitely not one such lady.