Never quite made it to Southampton last night, the last train back meant we would have to be leaving the pubs at 10. Stayed in Winchester instead (extra 2 ‘n a half hours to our night !!). That’s two in a row now; I blame Ant – he’s leading me astray!! There were a lot of miserable Arsenal fans around: no trophies this season (again) – oh, how I laughed.

As for today: woke up about 8 feeling very ill, after a bowl of ready-brek (Central eating for piss heads?) sat down for 2 hours of Quantum Leap and an episode of The A-Team on UK Gold before going back to bed.

Met Matt at the Albion for a pint and caught the end of Rambo: First Blood. I never realised what a poor ending that film had, after all Rambo had been through he just gave up and handed himself over at the end!