Last day of AD2 today, thank God for that, my will to live has been slowly draining away minute by minute. Had a very strange discussion on women’s underwear withAndrew on the way home; we had a worrying level of knowledge on this topic!

Paid £79 for a years’ web hosting (200 megs & loads of features), so I can finally move the site off of tripod and play around with some CGI stuff.

Went for a pub meal with Ant at Wetherspoon’s, had a few before moving on to O’Neill’s for a few more. After kick out time we headed for the nearest bench to chill before the trek home. Within 5 minutes; a very drunk, very happy girl stumbled our way and just started singing & dancing. As you can imagine we were not in the best of states and despite her attempts to teach us the lyrics, our slurred vocals were not quite up to scratch.

After laughing off the confusion we headed back and got home about 2’ish.

Cup final tomorrow!