(Note to self: 2.2 is not 2.4) After spending half an hour updating the wrong files (sacrificing my lift home to do so) I get a lift with Andrew who, in a selfless act to make my life more interesting I assume, runs over a motorcyclist on the way – OK, it was less of a “run over” and more a “dink”!

Doing forty on a main road, and this guy just stops to let a group of students cross the road – well needless to say the stopping power of his cycle was far in excess of our car, one face to face later (surprisingly amicable) and all was sorted.

Legally Andrew was responsible, but IMO the guy on the bike was at fault, if he had even looked in his mirror before slamming on the brakes to let the (blonde, tall, slim) girls cross the road, then I’m sure he wouldn’t have stopped.